Vintage Spirit November 2020



  • Woodland Winching
  • The Richest Square Mile On Earth
  • A Transport Surprise – Welsh Industrial & Maritime Museum
  • The Steaming Granny
  • Remembering the Hellevoetsluis Gathering – 35 Years On
  • Ackroyd Oil Engines all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Woodland Winching

If you have to winch out a tree, then what better way than with steam? James Hamilton enjoyed a day in the Sussex countryside.


An Afternoon With Alfred

Peter Hammond spent an afternoon with heritage buses in Winchester.


DUKW Reflections

In a tale that is a little different for us, Donald McGregor tells of some adventures with the amphibious DUKW.


The Richest Square Mile On Earth

John Hannavy looks at the past and future of Cornwall’s Mining Heritage.


A Transport Surprise

Brian Gooding recalls a visit to the Welsh Industrial & Maritime Museum in Cardiff.


Teesdale Classics

Bob Weir recently caught up with Stephen & Anne Kearton who told him about their latest acquisitions, a pair of Fowler ploughing engines.


The Steaming Granny

Mike Hanscomb looks back at the part steam has played in the life of his mother, Anthea, a lovely centenarian with a wicked sense of humour, with whom the editor has had many a long and hilarious chat…


Four On The Road

Jim Gerrard found some steam on Dorset roads in mid-September, which coincided with one of the annual Heritage Weekends.


With The Hadlow Gang

James Hamilton ventured into Kent and found a restored portable that hasn’t been rallied in finished condition… and more!


Remembering the Hellevoetsluis Gathering – 35 Years On

Kevin Byrne looks back at another Dutch event he attended quite a few years ago.


Ackroyd Oil Engines

Dick Bodily looks at the story behind the development of one of the first oil engines.

Vintage Spirit November 2020


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