Vintage Spirit March 2022



  • Remembering Uncle Paul
  • Shropshire’s Historic Working Farm
  • Rebuilding Stumbles
  • Family Favourite – Harold Hodgkins and his Foster Sir William
  • Running On Rails - Part 2 all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Remembering Uncle Paul

Alice Shergold pays tribute to a great steam enthusiast who passed away last autumn – her Uncle Paul.


The Empress & The Lady

James Hamilton enjoyed a day out with two well known Hampshire engines.


Shropshire’s Historic Working Farm

Located in the picturesque South Shropshire countryside, Acton Scott Historic Working Farm is a throwback to the Victorian era. The heritage site is having to cope with some challenging times, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


Rebuilding Stumbles

Jack Ayland of the Robey Trust looks at progress so far with the refurbishment of their Robey tandem roller.


London Model Engineering Show – in review

Paul Ritchie reviews some of the highlights of past London Model Engineering Exhibitions, as we all look forward to being able to attend again in the future.


Family Favourite

William Foster & Co. Ltd was a Lincoln-based company which made everything from traction engines to tanks. Bob Weir went to Staffordshire to meet Harold Hodgkins and works No.14622, Sir William.


Running On Rails - Part 2

John Hannavy continues exploring the story of the tramcar.


The Lion In Winter

Dick Bodily caught up with the traditional post-Christmas Bedfordshire road run.


Medway Queen: Maintaining The Hull

Richard Halton, of the Medway Queen Preservation Society, takes us through the recent drydocking of the ship at Ramsgate in Kent and its return home to Gillingham.


What’s In A Name?

In a quiet moment, Dick Bodily considers the names given to some engines – both road and rail.


That Rings A Bell…

Before all the lockdowns began, Alan Cullen visited an interesting museum in Sheffield.


When Dorset Was Fun - Part 2

Kevin Byrne reminisces about the halcyon days of the 1990s when organ men had lots of fun.

Vintage Spirit March 2022


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