Vintage Spirit April 2022



  • A Poignant Reunion – two of the late Arthur Thomson’s engines meet up
  • Granite & Clay – The story of the Stover Canal
  • Diesels In The Fens
  • The Car That Was ‘Alive’
  • Old Reliable – a brief history of the Fordson N tractor all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


A Poignant Reunion

James Hamilton looks back to when two of the late Arthur Thomson’s engines met up at an event in Hampshire.


Granite & Clay – The story of the Stover Canal

South Devon’s isolated Stover Canal was built to carry clay but also linked up with Dartmoor’s unique granite tramway. Roger Butler tells the story.


Classic Cattle Floats

Old cattle float lorries for hauling livestock are popular with commercial vehicle enthusiasts. Early examples were built by specialist coachbuilders, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


James & Crockerell Remembered

Chris Barber adds to the story in the February magazine as his father’s family owned the business.


Diesels In The Fens

Brian Gooding paid a return visit to a diesel engine museum near Ely, Cambridgeshire.


The Car That Was ‘Alive’

100 years ago on 17th May, Kenelm Lee Guinness, at the wheel of a 350hp Sunbeam, broke the Land Speed Record at the Brooklands circuit in Surrey. This was the first of five occasions on which a Sunbeam would break the record in the 1920s. It was the last time ever that a Land Speed Record would be set at Brooklands. Oliver Heal tells the story.


Diplock’s Pedrail

Roy Larkin looks at one of the potential innovations of road steam that didn’t work.


Running On Rails - Part 3

John Hannavy tells the story of a unique survival.


Glasgow and the Indicator - Part 1

The rise of engineering industries in central Scotland in the mid-19th century created an ever-growing need of engine indicators. This article tells their story, identifying individual designs in the hope that gaps which still exist can be filled. John Walter reports.


Looking Back To The 60s

We hope you will enjoy this look back to the earlier days of steam rallies. Luckily most, if not all, of the engines are still with us.


Old Reliable – a brief history of the Fordson N tractor

The Fordson Model N is one of the most important tractors in the history of British agriculture, and survivors are eagerly sought after by collectors, writes Bob Weir.


Go Anywhere Truck

Roy Larkin takes us through the development of Scammell’s 1950s heavyweight.

Vintage Spirit April 2022


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