Vintage Spirit February 2022



  • Englefield Remembered
  • Steam On The Job
  • Behind The Scenes At Berrybrook
  • Re-learning The Skills Of The Mediaeval Engineer
  • Telford’s Treasure – Chirk Aqueduct near Wrexham
  • Running On Rails Part 1 all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Englefield Remembered

Many will remember the open days at the Englefield Estate near Reading. Brian Gooding remembers a visit made 15 years ago.


Steam On The Job

The Wiltshire firm of James & Crockerell used steam engines in the business but they were also there in the early days of the rally movement. Jim Gerrard learns more.


Late Autumn Jaunt

Bob Weir caught up with John Sankey as he took his engine out for a run into town.


Behind The Scenes At Berrybrook

James Hamilton visits a specialist motor dealer in Devon that now sells road steam engines as well.


Re-learning The Skills Of The Mediaeval Engineer

John Hannavy explores a unique heritage research project.


What Have You Got Now?

Eric Gay acquired a small stationary engine and thought it would be a quick fix to have it running again, but was he wrong!


What Is Left Of The Midland & South Western Junction Railway? Part 2

Following on from his article in the November issue, Kevin Byrne looks at what is now left of the MSWJR.


Telford’s Treasure

Chirk Aqueduct near Wrexham is the showpiece of a stunning view and part of a World Heritage Site straddling the England / Wales border, Bob Weir takes a look.


Running On Rails Part 1

John Hannavy ventures into the backwaters of tramway history.


When Dorset Was Fun

Kevin Byrne reminisces about the halcyon days of the 1990s when organ men had lots of fun.


A Nostalgic Reminder

Ken Rimell recalls his RAF photographer days when he comes across some cameras on a junk stall…

Vintage Spirit February 2022


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