Vintage Spirit February 2020



  • Arthur Napper’s Diary Notes - Part 2
  • ‘Running It’ at Tanfield
  • Down in the Valley – the most important non-ferrous metal mine
  • Drawn to Perfection – Derwent Pencil Museum
  • As Hard As Nails – how nails, needles and sickles were once made
  • To Lesley Garrett – a tender bit of bashing all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Arthur Napper’s Diary Notes - Part 2

With July seeing the 70th Anniversary of the first traction engine ‘race’ at Appleford, Jeff Shackell continues to examine the relevant entries in the late Arthur Napper’s diaries.


Timber Treasures

Commercial vehicles have been used in the forestry industry since before WW2. Bob Weir recently discovered two old veterans that are now plying their trade on the Scottish vintage vehicle rally circuit.


Heritage Treasures in France

While exploring the Lot region of southern France, Tim Mayhew stumbled across a remarkable vintage collection hidden away near the small village of Salviac.


‘Running It’ at Tanfield

John Maund enjoyed a weekend of industrial steam even though the weather was not helpful.


To Lesley Garrett – a tender bit of bashing

Colin Savage continues the story of the rebuild of Garrett 35225, Lesley, after its John o’ Groats to Land’s End run more than ten years ago.


The Early Morning Road Train

There’s something magical about seeing a traction engine on a quiet road in lovely surroundings. James Hamilton enjoyed one such occasion in the autumn.


Down in the Valley

It’s not all heritage railways, mountains and agriculture in Wales. There is a long history of coal mining, but also metal mining in mid-Wales. Brian Gooding came across what is recognised as the most important non-ferrous metal mine.


Drawn to Perfection

The Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick recently re-opened to the public, after suffering flood damage during the winter of 2015. It is also home to one of the biggest colouring pencils in the world, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


New Horizons

Peter Brockington reports on his latest bout of globe trotting, this time to South America where he found some items of interest.


Solway Classics

Stuart Barbour from the Scottish Borders has been a big fan of Massey Ferguson tractors since he was a boy. Bob Weir went to the Solway Firth to investigate.


As Hard As Nails

John Hannavy explores how nails, needles and sickles were once made.


Wilkie’s Wanderings

Jim Wilkie picks out some items he spotted at last autumn’s Newark Tractor Show.

Vintage Spirit February 2020


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