Due to the current Corona virus outbreak, many attractions are delaying their 2020 season opening times and event organisers are cancelling or postponing their events.

While we will try to update the information on this site as much as possible, we cannot guarantee to have all the information we would like.

Therefore we urge you to check the latest information on the attraction or event's website or Facebook pages, and to contact them before travelling to avoid disappointment.

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  • Fairgrounds in Miniature – a brilliant day out
  • Arthur Napper’s Diary Motes – Part 3
  • Delving Into French Farming History
  • A Newnham Legacy
  • To Lesley Garrett – on the loose
  • Sixty Years Young – the iconic Mini all the latest news and event reports

In this issue


Fairgrounds in Miniature – a brilliant day out

Peter Hammond enjoyed his annual outing to the fairground model show, held near Gloucester.


Arthur Napper’s Diary Motes – Part 3

Jeff Shackell continues his series of articles looking at the relevant entries in the late Arthur Napper’s diaries in advance of the 70th Anniversary of the first traction engine ‘race’ at Appleford. This time, we look at the 1950s.


Off to the Carnival

David Hargrave escorted the Foster TE The Little Gem to the Salisbury Carnival last October.


Delving Into French Farming History

Tim Mayhew was in France looking at the differences in layouts, uses and construction techniques of farm buildings when compared with the UK. Despite his best efforts, he was again distracted by the local farm mechanisation.


A Newnham Legacy

Malcolm Batten takes a look at some of the vehicles from his home part of London which have survived into preservation.


Models at the Palace

Jim Gerrard travelled to London to spend a day among some superb models.


To Lesley Garrett – on the loose

Colin Savage continues the story of the rebuild of his Garrett 4CD tractor 35225, Lesley. This time, the engine is back on its wheels and she even manages a run to the pub after teething issues are resolved.


Scottish Heavyweights

Apprentices at Terex Trucks based in Scotland’s Central Belt recently restored a 45-year-old dump truck back to its former glory, Bob Weir reports.


New Horizons – Part 2

Peter Brockington continues on his trip to South America. This time he found more items of interest including a sunken Liberty ship.


Sixty Years Young

Roger Mills reflects on a revolutionary small car that has become a unique motoring icon.


Wilkie’s Wanderings

Jim Wilkie picks out some items of interest at a couple of shows around the turn of the year.


A French Miller’s Tale

John Hannavy visits an unusual preserved windmill in Normandy.


Highland Classics

Enthusiast Dave Allan from Kintore has been collecting old tractors for many years. Bob Weir went to Aberdeenshire to see his latest acquisitions.

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