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  • Argyll Motors – a project ahead of its time
  • Arthur Napper’s Diary Notes
  • To Lesley Garrett – Undone & Boxed In
  • Mechanical Horse vs Horse
  • Border Classics
  • Burton’s Magic Brew
  • Crich at 60
  • Paddling at Pembrey all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Arthur Napper’s Diary Notes

With July seeing the 70th Anniversary of the first traction engine ‘race’ at Appleford, Jeff Shackell looks at the relevant entries in the late Arthur Napper’s diaries.


It Certainly Rained On Alnwick’s Parade

John Maund visited a very wet end of season event only 25 miles from the Scottish border.


To Lesley Garrett – Undone & Boxed In

Colin Savage picks up the story of the rebuild of Garrett 35225, Lesley, after its John o’ Groats to Land’s End run more than ten years ago.


Mechanical Horse vs Horse

Roy Larkin looks at the early days of the Mechanical Horse and how its operating costs compared to the traditional equine.


Unique Equipment

Jim Gerrard travelled to Leicestershire for an interesting open day.


Border Classics

Stationary engines are still a popular hobby in Scotland. Bob Weir went to the 42nd Borders Vintage Agricultural Association (BVAA) rally in Kelso, to see.


Steam Logging in the USA

Ken Rimell looks at an interesting steam machine that was once used to haul trains of timber from American forests.


Cable Coaching

Brian Gooding caught up with the Steam Plough Club’s ‘Hands On’ weekend last September.


Burton’s Magic Brew

Burton upon Trent has a worldwide reputation for its beer. The National Brewery Centre in Horninglow Street is a fond reminder of a glorious past, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


Crich at 60

Peter Brockington dropped in on the National Tramway Museum which was celebrating its 60th year. He hadn’t been there for many a year…


Paddling at Pembrey

Peter Brockington visited a show in south-west Wales which suffered heavy rain overnight.


Argyll Motors – a project ahead of its time

John Hannavy reveals the story of the first doomed attempt to develop a Scottish motor industry.


Tractor Family Reunion

Tractor enthusiasts are alive and well and living in Aberdeenshire. Bob Weir went to Banchory in Royal Deeside, to meet the Murdoch family and their fine collection of old classics.

Vintage Spirit January 2020 - FREE WALL PLANNER!


This item is out of stock

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