Vintage Spirit December 2021



  • New Era For Fairground Trust
  • The Old Engine In The Fens
  • Steaming At Springfieds
  • Bonawe Ironworks
  • The Paisley Collection – a different perspective
  • Classic Crawlers all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


New Era For Fairground Trust

The auction at Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre was a talking point beforehand. James Hamilton went along to get a flavour of the day.


The Old Engine In The Fens

It stands imposingly on the banks of the Old West River, not far from Ely, and is a monument to the days when steam was used to stop the Fens from flooding. Brian Gooding went on a long overdue visit.


A Dose Of Rail Steam

With a dearth of road steam this year, Dick Bodily enjoyed some rail steam – large and small…


Brilliant British Inventions

Ken Rimell looks at an invention aimed at rescuing downed airmen from the sea.


Steaming At Springfields

James Hamilton experienced a wet day when he travelled to Cornwall for a long-awaited road run.


Essex Miscellany

While Peter Hammond was on holiday in Essex with his wife Jean, they took time to see what they could find of heritage interest.


Bonawe Ironworks

This month, we welcome Peter Small to Vintage Spirit as he guides us around the substantial remains of an iconic old Scottish ironworks.


The Paisley Collection – a different perspective

Stephen Cotton tells the story of a summer visit to the late Tom Paisley’s Manor Farm in Holywell, Huntingdonshire by Bruce Rowling, an architectural model-maker and artist from Hackney, East London.


Classic Crawlers

Crawler tractors played an important role in construction and agriculture in the twentieth century and survivors are still popular with enthusiasts, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


Welcome Return

Peter Brockington ventured out to the showground at Malvern to enjoy a popular show which caters for many tastes.


C’est Bon!

The Citroen Type H is one of the most successful light commercials in motoring history, and several survivors are still putting in a day’s shift, writes Bob Weir.

Vintage Spirit December 2021


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