Steam Heritage Guide 2023


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We are just working on the 2024 Steam Heritage Guide, which will be available to buy soon.

Published annually for around 60 years, this is the most comprehensive guide to over 1200 of Britain’s transport, industrial and agricultural heritage attractions – heritage railways, museums and sites of interest, as well as a similar number of heritage events for 2023!

Packed full of great ideas for fantastic days out, The Steam Heritage Guide is ideal for any transport – whether it be road, rail, air or maritime – or industrial heritage enthusiast.

An A5, full colour book, the guide provides details of museums, attractions and events in a handy format. Clearly laid out, it is easy to browse attractions by region and type, as well as railway events, steam rallies, special open days and much more.

A guide to numerous fantastic days out exploring all the steam and industrial heritage attractions and events that Britain has to offer!

2024 Guide will be published mid-March 2024

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