Ploughing Engines at Work

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First published in 1962 as a small booklet, ‘Ploughing Engines at Work’ has been revised into a larger edition – A4 landscape, 76 pages with soft cover – bringing Barry’s excellent photographs to life in a much larger format that really brings out the detail.

Barry J Finch is a well known photographer of road and agricultural steam engines and has published a number of books of photographs taken in the 1950s and 1960s.

Written at the same time, the book now includes a detailed commentary on steam cultivation by the late Rev. R C Stebbing, using these photographs as illustrations.

This is a fascinating book with high quality photographs bringing to life a bygone era of steam ploughing and will be an asset to any book collection, or make a great gift for any steam enthusiast.

76 pages, A4 landscape.

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