Vintage Spirit October 2022


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  • Mr Maudslay’s Mighty Machines
  • The Return Of Babcock ‘Babs’
  • Touring Manx Sheds
  • Advancing At Klondyke
  • The Triumphant Return Of The Ellis Journey all the latest news and event reports

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The Return Of Babcock ‘Babs’

For many years the second surviving Babcock & Wilcox 6-ton roller had been on static display at Bicton Park in Devon. James Hamilton tracked it down to Morwellham Quay, now back in steam.


Touring Manx Sheds

Dick Bodily joined guided tours of various railway/tramway sheds on the Isle of Man this summer.


Jim Pengilly Remembered

Colin Savage remembers a good friend who helped him in so many ways with his Garrett tractor.


Advancing At Klondyke

Jerry Turner from the North Staffs & Cheshire Traction Engine Club recently had a family get together with his 1925 Wallis & Steevens Advance roller No.7834. Bob Weir reports.


50 Years At Netley

Jim Gerrard reports on this year’s Netley Marsh rally which celebrated its 50th anniversary.


An Almost Forgotten Railway

Living in South Wales, Peter Brockington finds lots of transport and industrial relics on his doorstep. The Saundersfoot Railway is just one…


The Triumphant Return Of The Ellis Journey

The Ellis Journey commemorates a car run made in 1895 in an attempt to have the restrictive law on motoring changed. Peter Hammond reports on this year’s run.


Mr Maudslay’s Mighty Machines

John Hannavy investigates the father of machine tools.


Delights At The Transport Museum

Barrie C. Woods visited Bury’s transport museum and found much of interest.


Barley Saturday

Peter Brockington caught up with a celebratory event whose origins are well over 100 years ago.


Steaming Around The Marches

Paul Stratford followed the Steam Car Club of Great Britain’s recent tour of the Welsh Marches.


What Is Left Of The East Somerset Railway?

Kevin Byrne continues his look at the East Somerset Railway. This time, the early preservation days.


Clockwork Orange

The Allis-Chalmers CA was produced between 1950 and 1958 and was powered by the company’s own 2,100cc, 8-valve petrol engine. Ben Hughes from Cheshire owns a fine example in original condition, writes Bob Weir.


Magic By The Malverns

The Welland rally is well known for its wide and varied range of exhibits and working demonstrations. Jim Gerrard went along this year.

Vintage Spirit October 2022


This item is out of stock

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