Phillip’s Harbour 2024

On the road sign it is called Harrow Harbour. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that when Phillip's Harbour was built in the early 1800s it was primarily with fishing in mind. However, a roofless building with a prominent chimney behind the quay housed a steam engine used to drive saws to cut the flagstone from local quarries that were exported from the harbour. This carries a date stone showing it was built in 1871. Near the engine house, if you look carefully, it is also possible to see traces of the horse-drawn tramway that was used to transport the flagstone to the harbour.


Address: Pentland Firth Coast Mey Sutherland

Open Days & Times

Access at all times. Visit website for more details.


  • By Bus: 80
  • By Rail: Thurso / 12 miles

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