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Duddon Iron Furnace 2021

The restored remains of Duddon Iron Works, built in 1736, are one of the most impressive charcoal-fired blast furnaces in Britain. It is the most complete surviving example of an iron producing site with a charcoal-fired blast furnace of its kind in northern England. Pig iron cast here was sent to Chepstow and Bristol where it was used in the manufacture of anchors, chains and other ironwork for ships. The furnace stack was 29ft high and built of local stone, and charged from above and water-powered bellows were attached at the base. The waterwheel is missing, but the course of the leat has been traced, bringing water from the river half a mile upstream. Higher up the hill is the charcoal store, 100ft in length, and as high as a church. Recent conservation work has helped save the original buildings, which include the towering furnace stack and storerooms for iron ore and charcoal.


Operator: Lake District National Park Authority

Address: Lake District National Park Broughton-in-Furness Cumbria

Open Days & Times

Access at all times.


  • By Rail: Foxfield / 4 miles


  • Part disabled access

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