Vintage Spirit September 2020


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  • Jim Sarney: 60 Years On The Road - Part 1
  • Big Time Gardening with a Matador
  • Sawing Surprise
  • On The Road In Germany - Part 2
  • Turning Back The Clock Almost 90 Years
  • The Blakesley Miniature Railway all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


60 Years On The Road - Part 1

Jim Sarney bought his first traction engine in 1960. Trevor Smallbone looks back at Jim’s 60 years involvement with the road steam world.


Big Time Gardening

James Hamilton enjoyed a day watching expert tree felling in a Sussex garden, aided by an old stalwart.


A Merry Time

With little activity this year, the mind goes wandering back to past events. This time Brian Gooding remembers one of the first rallies he attended in sunny Cornwall.


Personalising Portraiture

Hannah Walsh is another young artist who likes drawing classic vehicles. Jim Gerrard contacted her to learn more.


Sawing Surprise

With next to nothing going on, James Hamilton was keen to have a day out in rural West Sussex to see some steam sawing.


On The Road In Germany - Part 2

Kevin Byrne concludes his report on a fun trip to Germany with fair organs and steam engines over 40 years ago.


Turning Back The Clock Almost 90 Years

Dawn Goold was involved with a two year restoration to return the family’s Sentinel ‘S’ Type waggon No.8843 back to its 1933 origins and reconnect it with its industrial past.


Discoveries At The End Of The World

Nigel Cripps finds some British steam connections in Chile and Argentina.


The Blakesley Miniature Railway

Dick Bodily recalls a long gone miniature railway that once ran on an estate in the village where he grew up.


Celebrations Curtailed

Aveling & Porter roller No.9139’s 100th birthday occurred during Lockdown, preventing a proper celebration. Owner Jon Ballard looks at its history and recent restoration work.

Vintage Spirit September 2020


This item is out of stock

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