Vintage Spirit July 2020



  • Rediscovering Scotland’s First Railway
  • “Lang May Their Lums Reek” - Steam in the Park
  • Seventies Stourpaine
  • Muddy Memories of ploughing engines
  • Mr Nasmyth’s Hammer
  • The Centenary of the Hornby Model Railway Marque
  • Woodlarks Recalled all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Rediscovering Scotland’s First Railway

People associate early rail travel with the golden age of steam, but the first railway in Scotland was run using gravity and horsepower, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


The Centenary of the Hornby Model Railway Marque

Kevin Byrne takes a break from organs to look at model trains to commemorate the centenary of Hornby.


Tugging Along

Jim Wilkie looks at one of Bristol’s Floating Harbour’s many attractions.


“Lang May Their Lums Reek”

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the final Steam in the Park rally held at Balado in Perth and Kinross. Bob Weir recalls those memorable days in early May.


Seventies Stourpaine

Jim Gerrard takes a look back to the 1972 and 1974 Great Working of Steam Engines held at Stourpaine Bushes, Blandford, Dorset.


Fordson’s WOTI

Ken Rimell looks at one of his favourite vehicles.


Muddy Memories

Andrew Semple recalls times spent over the years with ploughing engines.


Steam Engine – Toy or Oven?

Laura Kimber talks us through some of the dishes she has cooked using Marshall 8nhp engine No.55924. In Laura’s words, “The results are far more rewarding, yummy and fun for everyone”.


Looking Back

Brian Gooding went rummaging through some of his late father’s photographs and came up with this selection.


Mr Nasmyth’s Hammer

John Hannavy follows a trail from James Watt to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and a monumental change in industrial engineering.


It Was A Wet One

The 2019 road run, organised by the Society of Drivers & Engine Men, took place on the edge of the New Forest in some pretty dire conditions. Jim Gerrard takes a brief look back at the day.


Norfolk Island and the Bounty

Norfolk Island lies a long way to the north of New Zealand and has a fascinating history. Peter Brockington looks into the story.


Wilkie’s Mysteries

While his ‘wanderings’ are curtailed, Jim Wilkie has found some more photos where the full story isn’t clear.


Woodlarks Recalled

Brian Gooding remembers a popular charity event in Surrey that is sadly no more.

Vintage Spirit July 2020


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