Vintage Spirit August 2020



  • Claytons at Shuttleworth
  • John Smeaton – building on concrete foundations
  • Land Rover’s Timeless Classic
  • Porto’s Heritage Trams
  • An Attainable Goal – Tasker Tractor new to Sussex
  • On the Road in Germany (Part 1)
  • The Mighty Lancashire Boiler all the latest news and event reports

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In this issue


Claytons at Shuttleworth

Jim Gerrard looks at the interesting collection of Clayton & Shuttleworth artefacts that form just part of the Shuttleworth Collection in south Bedfordshire.


John Smeaton – building on concrete foundations

John Hannavy explores the life of the great 18th century engineer.


Deep in the Woods

You never know what you might find hiding in the woods, as Brian Gooding discovered.


Land Rover’s Timeless Classic

Jaguar Land Rover Classic division have started restoring old Series Ones to their original specification, as Bob Weir recently discovered.


Porto’s Heritage Trams

Peter Hammond visits a tramway museum in Portugal, but not one as we know it in the UK.


An Attainable Goal

James Hamilton managed a steam day in the Sussex countryside with an unusual Tasker tractor.


On the Road in Germany (Part 1)

Kevin Byrne recalls a fun – nay, hilarious – trip to Germany with fair organs and steam engines over 40 years ago. There were two tours and Kevin went on the southern one.


The First Ever Military Kit Craft?

Ken Rimell looks into the story behind the kit-built military power boats of World War 2.


The Mighty Lancashire Boiler

John Hannavy explores the history of the boiler which powered so many mills.


Wilkie’s Ramblings

Jim Wilkie has been digging through his photographic collection to pick out items which he hopes will be of interest to readers.


Borders Memories

The Border country between England and Scotland has been a popular venue for steam events over the years, and the annual show at Kelso is still going strong. Bob Weir also recalls the heady days of the Border City Steam Fair held in Carlisle.


A Quiet Perfectionist

Peter Brockington remembers a friend from New Zealand who was a very talented engineer and model maker.

Vintage Spirit August 2020


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