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Time Ball Tower Museum

The museum is over four floors with displays of maritime artefacts, but most importantly on the roof is the Timeball which was used in the past to help mariners tell the time.


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Deal Museum Trust


Victoria Parade Deal Kent CT14 7BP

Open days

Easter weekend. Sat-Sun & Bhol 5-28 May. Wed-Sun & BHol 6 Jun-Sep 1130-1630. 1 Jan 2019 1200-1400.


By Rail: Deal / 0.3 miles

The Timeball is programmed to drop every day at 1pm. Additionally, during the open season (1 Apr-30 Sep) the ball drops hourly from 9am to 5pm. The Timeball also drops at midnight on New Years’ Eve.

The drop cycle is as follows:

At five minutes to the hour the ball goes half way up; at three minutes to the hour it goes to the top of the mast and drops on the hour. The drop cycle is automatic.

The Timeball is controlled by the MSF Radio Time Signal transmitter located at Anthorn, in Cumbria.

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